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SciTech Wireless is an OEM provider of wireless access control radio products. In our Redmond, Washington SciTech Wireless developed a line of wireless radios purpose built for Access Control Systems (ACS) deployment.

In many occasions the cost of wire installation becomes prohibitive. When the routing has to pass through areas with asbestos laden structures, outside gates requiring trenching for underground conduit installation, secure freight elevators with traveling cables, perimeter gates, and controlled pedestrian turnstiles, wireless solutions are most cost effective.

These elements were instrumental in development of WILDR (wireless interface low-power digital radio). The wireless system carries the door control and reader data (Wiegand or Magnetic stripe format) to and from the access control panel. A RS-485 interface also solves panel-to-panel installation problems. Full motion video cameras with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) require control, so an RS-232 or RS-485 interface addresses that problem. WILDR provides the necessary means. In addition, with the introduction of smart readers, not only credential data, but reader telemetry needs a secondary communication channel. WILDR solves this problem by providing “multiple active interfaces” simultaneously.