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What does WILDR do? >>

WILDR  is a communication device that transports data and GPIO (general purpose input output) between a source and destination(s). WILDR transmits the data received from any of its external interfaces, encrypts the data, places the data in the payload section … Continue reading

What makes the WILDR system unique from other wireless products? >>

WILDR is the only device with multiple interfaces active simultaneously. This provides the smart credential readers a second interface for telemetry. Also, all interfaces are included in one device.   RS-232 RS-485 RS-422 General Purpose I/O lines can be used to … Continue reading

Is it true that the WILDR system works with any access control product? >>

Any standard Access Control signals between panel and doors are accommodated. In some cases non-standard RS-485 communications are also included (Honeywell as an example).

I heard the wildr system can work between panels, how does that work? >>

Systems that employ RS-485 interface (for longer distances) between panels can take advantage of WILDR RS-485 interface to communicate between panels, as well as server to panels.

Do I have to change my door package configuration to use the wildr system? >>

No! You can use your current door package configuration.

Is the wildr system utilizing encryption and what kind? >>

Yes, WILDR employs a proprietary keyless encryption where every packet is encrypted differently. Also, the encryption can be set uniquely for every site. This prohibits other foreign radios to intercept OTA packets.

Is WILDR using 256 bit encryption? >>

No, we use a proprietary dual encryption method that is site specific.

When power is cut off to the unit, does the unit have a battery to power off line alarm? >>

We have battery back-up capability, however, without BB, if the power is cut off, WILDR will send “forced door” and “reader tamper” alerts for three minutes.

What frequency in the 2.4 GHz? >>

15 channels starting with 2.402 GHz to 2.475 GHz

Why is the 2.4 GHz important? >>

The 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) band is used in the US, Canada, and the EU. It is unlicensed, and does not require a Radio Operator’s License.

I have heard that lots of wireless systems step on each other. Could that be a problem for the Wildr system? >>

WILDR was carefully designed to coexist with other radios, the modulation scheme allows it to operate in frequency hopping schemes (lots of interference) as well as fixed channel sources.

What’s the longest distance that the wildr system can be utilized? >>

Outdoors line of sight range is about 1500 meters. Indoors, it depends on the building composition and construction materials, but generally a few hundred feet.

How far will the WILDR radios operate using repeaters? >>

Twice the range, we can also use directional reflectors to avoid obstacles without repeaters.