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How our wireless works


WILDR (Wireless Interface Low-power Digital Radio) is a Zigbee based device that provides many interfaces. RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, and 8 general purpose buffered input/output (GPIO) lines. An auxiliary board (Aux-board) plugs into the GPIO lines and becomes an Access Control System door/checkpoint controller. It provides a card reader (Wiegand or Clock & Data format) interface, along with all door control signals (request to exit, door position sensor, electric door strike). All signals are transmitted wirelessly to the Access Control Panel. The Aux-board supplies power to the card reader, and the electric strike. It also carries the reader LED (2-lines), and reader tamper signals (see figure 3 for typical Panel to door connections). While configured as a reader interface, one additional interface (RS-485, RS-232, or RS-422) is also available for smart card readers to communicate with the Access Control Panel for house-keeping purposes. WILDR-MIU is the only device on the market with this functionality.

WILDR includes a console port that allows connection to a laptop to configure the device operating parameters: frequency channel, interface, and data rate. A slew of other functions and diagnostic tools are built-in to assist the technician to configure the device in the field, including spectrum analysis.