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Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are necessary for every facility [new or old], protecting its employees, tangible assets, and intellectual property. Every facility has unique security requirements; Diverse environments, and special circumstances demand innovative solutions where standard PACS fall short, or very expensive to implement.

Our solution is simple: go wireless!

WILDR was designed to address those implementation obstacles; long distances requiring trenching; avoiding ‘public right-of-way’ red-tapes; avoiding core-drilling; surface-mounting wires; compensating for lack of conduit space between buildings, and the list goes on. We provide a family of wireless products with incredible architectural flexibility and scalability to overcome difficult installation challenges at fraction of the cost of a traditional wired set up.

We provide wireless connectivity between readers, control panels, and between control panels, supporting a variety of architectures, independent of the access control systems manufacturer.


WILDR-MIU addressable Master Radio

Master Radio

'The Core Radio' is designed to provide multiple interfaces for multiple applications

  • Console port (db-9 RS-232 configuration port at 115.2 kbps).
  • Data interface ports (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485) up to 115.2 Kbits/sec (selectable) transmission rate
  • GPIO lines for Access Control Applications via the Auxiliary Board, or other TTL I/O lines
  • Encrypted packets in addition to specific site-code security cipher

Applications include:

  • Serial Data Communication
  • WILDR Management-Monitor Radio (WMR) remote branch control radios, configure and query status of radios, individually, or via broadcast commands
  • WILDR Repeater Radio (WILDR-RPT) extending the range to 2 miles (LOS), several hundred feet indoors

Addressable Single-Door or Panel Radio

Single-Door/Panel Radio

When located by the door, provides power to the reader and door strike. No need for an additional/external battery

  • One radio at the panel, and one at the door for point-to-point applications
  • Wiegand (Data0, Data1), or Clock & Data (Mag-stripe) interface
  • LED-A, LED-B, Door Position, Tamper, REX (Request to Exit)
  • Electric Strike control, Electric Strike Power
  • Large data buffer (1024 bytes) for Smart Cards; supports all formats

WILDR-MIU2 addressable Virtual Cage Radio

Virtual Cage Radio

Designed to replace security cages, and limit access to client rack cabinets

  • Controls access to each rack cabinet (front and back)
  • A 2-door control-panel (from any manufacturer) opens up to 126 rack doors (63 racks, front & back doors), also includes broadcast and house-keeping packets
  • Controls smart door handle with integrated card reader, LEDs, strike, and door position
  • Provides power to the door handle (strike and reader)
  • Integrated temperature sensor (up to 98 °C) with selectable Alarm Level
  • Companion software (WILDR Management Monitor) provides visibility and logs all events
  • Can send commands to an individual radio, or broadcast to all: Reset, change channel, change RF output power, open door, close door, change data-rate, turn LEDs on or off, and other custom commands

Data Center Solutions

The SciTech Wireless WILDR family products provides unparalleled wireless access control scalability and flexibility for data centers.

We do this by providing high-capacity controlled access and real-time monitoring to secured facilities and to the rack cabinets themselves, which decreases cabling, allows more efficient use of floor space, all at very low power consumption.

And the best part? We integrate into the existing access control hardware/software ecosystem of your current facilities.

Better Space Management

Better Space Management

Provides secure access for rack enclosures where ever they are placed on premises/floor

Allows customization of Access Control for each client when required. Different clients may want to use their own access credentials issued by their company

Eliminates the necessity of “cages“ that encapsulate rack enclosures to restrict access. A wire-mesh cage for 10 standard U42 rack cabinets with a footprint of 244 sq’(including isle-ways), costs about $12,000 installed. Considering $300/sq’ of floor space ($73,300), the total cost is about $85,000 in footprint only; wasted space of 52sq’ ($15600)

Each rack with its own card access (front & back), can be located where space is available, and specific to each client

Impeccable Physical and Data Protection

Impeccable Physical and Data Protection

Physical Security

Compliance (government, HIPAA, consumer data, FTC)

Audit trail

Access Control

  • Isle entry control
  • Co-location control per client or general data center
  • Rack enclosure control per client or general data center
  • Seamless integration with the facility’s existing Access Control System
  • Complete audit trail
  • Backup and archive viewer to query the database
  • Command and control of each rack, or all racks using operator commands
  • Password-controlled data viewer for added security (per client)
  • Built-in signal measurement for range testing; no need for external test kits
  • Client-code for groups of radios to segregate / isolate clients from each other. Radios with different client-codes will not communicate

Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

Sensor allows close monitoring of rack temperature, and alarms at user selected critical level

Reduce Your Power Consumption

Reduce Your Power Consumption

Quiescent current of 120 milliamps at 12 Volts(inclusing readers). Provides power to the integrated reader and the strike

AC power consumption of 12 milliwatts per cabinet (120 mW AC for 10 rack cabinets)

Cut the Cabling

Cut the Cabling

Using wireless for physical security & Access Control saves 20 wires per rack enclosure

For 10 rack cabinets, 200 wires, one day of labor at $1,000/day, $2/foot, 100’ away (avg.) from the controller costs about $5,000

This does not include connections to the readers and electric strikes, etc..

Click on the link for a short overview of our products Architecture.

Click on the link to display WILDR Management-Monitor software screen WMR.

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